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About Me

From Concept to Screen

A Writer and Director, my passion is telling stories through film. I have experience in taking projects from their initial conception through the filmmaking process to completion.  

I am currently in the final year of a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinematic Arts having advanced to the Degree Course after graduating from a

two-year Foundation Degree in Creative Media Production.  Over the past four years I have developed an extensive set of skills and knowledge relating to media-production in areas such as Filmmaking, Sound Recording and Production, Video Game Design and Photography.  Before returning to education I had an extensive management career in retail where I gained strong planning, organisational and people management expertise as well as invaluable experience in cost controls and budget management.  I have found that this core skill set is interchangeable and has allowed me to adapt to a range of situations during the management of various media productions.  My strengths include problem solving and commercial acumen.  I strive for excellence in any of the tasks I undertake.  I am known to be an approachable and friendly, with a keen sense of humour.

My goal is to pursue a career focused on writing and directing films although I have a keen interest in expanding my knowledge of all fields of filmmaking,

To date I have worked on two music videos for original artists, the band Spring Tides and solo artist L-Lowe, generating ideas and developing them into music videos which complement the artist’s music. I have directed a number of self financed low to no budget films which I have both written and directed.

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